Offering prompt customer service is our business. Correcting mechanical and technical problems at their nascent stage and preventing disasters is our strength. Shetty Infra services offers processes for both resolving and preventing technical problems.

Shetty Infra services Pvt. Ltd. has extensive Electro-Mechanical and Building Management System experience across the country for over 15 million square feet. We have developed processes and procedures over the years culminating from our experience in this field and have the ability to identify service enhancements and achieve service goals.

Shetty Infra services Pvt. Ltd. offers services to ensure consistency, reduced costs, lower risk and maximum power savings with optimum client satisfaction. There are no hidden costs or management fees – our profit is the satisfaction of client.

Shetty Infra services Pvt. Ltd. manages client’s critical environment, to ensure safe PM plan, reliable and efficient facilities, systems and equipment through preventive and predictive maintenance. The PM plan incorporates a comprehensive schedule, based on both time and usage intervals, of recurring inspections and maintenance tasks, including cleaning, corrosion control, lubrication, adjustments and replacement of worn components to preserve and keep each facility’s systems, equipment and tools in peak operating condition.

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